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A pastebin like web application. Useful for pasting text into a form to store. Syntax highlighting is selected via a dropdown menu and is applied server side. No javascript to load, just some CSS.

Curl may be used to submit text, but there is no option at this time to specify the language (for syntax highlighting) via curl:

cargo check | curl -T-
curl -T- < src/

The git repo is located at There is an instance running at

pastebucket is written in rust and uses the gotham web application framework.


First, clone the repo:

git clone

Enter the directory and create your configuration:

cd pasteb
cp config.toml.default config.toml
$EDITOR config.toml

Build pastebucket

cargo build --release


Run pastebucket

cargo run --release

It is best to run a web server such as Apache or nginx and reverse proxy connections to pastebucket.

You may run the executable directly (without cargo), it is located at target/release/pastebucket.

pastebucket should be run from the directory containing config.toml. At this time there is no option specify where to load the config from via the command line.

A sample systemd service file is included in the git repo.